Search For Basic INF Drivers

What Is Device Driver?

Any software require a driver to communicate with a hardware device. So in computer industry a Device Driver is a piece of software written for the specific hardware component to enable the communication between that hardware and other software installed in the computer. Every hardware device require a Device Driver to work properly, as like a printer require a driver to communicate with the operating system of the computer. Normally Device Drivers are bundled with the hardware written on a portable disk. But these days device drivers are also available for download on the official website of the respective hardware manufacturer.

What Are Basic Drivers?

Normally every hardware device comes with an executable installer (.exe) file which install the device driver automatically. This automatic installer also packaged with the utility for the device to manage its various settings through the utility. Basic drivers consists of the actual required files by the windows to communicate with the device. Actual basic driver is small in size, but its installer and utility may increase its size. And some users rarely use the utility. So Expert users who know how to install the device drivers manually, prefer to download the basic drivers only. Basic driver contains required .inf, .sys or .dll files only.

What is INF Driver?

The .inf extension of a computer file describe that this is an informational file. So a .INF file is a basic informational text file. And an INF driver file contains the basic information about the device driver of a hardware component. It tells the Windows system that how to setup the device. It contains the information like driver name and location, driver version information and driver registry information. A basic driver contain an INF file to install the required component and do the required registry entries. Basically it is useful to install a driver manually. That’s why some people also call the basic drivers as the INF drivers.

Where to get the basic inf driver files?

Some hardware manufacturer provide the basic driver on their official website. Devices for which basic drivers are not available, some third party driver provider extract the basic drivers from their full drivers pack. Third party automatic driver installer software like Avast driver updater and driver booster may be using the same technique to update or install the driver software for the hardware attached to the computer. We at also provide the basic drivers for the devices for which basic drivers are not available officially.